Updated 1/3/2012

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A Division of WexfordPress

We make life easy for authors and small presses, at minimal cost. Let us take on the tedious and demanding tasks of page design, typesetting (type composition), indexing, and conversion to a printable form. You can then concentrate on content and marketing.

WexfordPress is owned by John Culleton. John is a published, award winning author (see below) and has more than 40 years of experience in computers and information processing. In recent years he has become a specialist in the TeX typesetting and pagemaking system, which offers maximum flexibility and first-class typography as well as superior embedded indexing capability. Let him be your interior designer, indexer and typesetter!

Visit the links to the left for more details on our services: Or write sales@wexfordpress.com for more information

Award Winner!
"Writing In Parallels" by John Culleton
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