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Able Indexers Book Indexing Services

A quality index is important to a non-fiction book. Libraries may not shelve nor bookstores carry books without indexes.

Able Indexers will prepare that back-of-the-book index for your book with professional skill and personalized service. Our rates depend on the nature of the job of course but typically a fee in the range of $2.50 --- $3.50 per page read and indexed is charged.

References can be supplied on request.

When you employ us to index your book you will receive either an ASCII electronic file for flowing into your document or a pdf file of the completed index, properly typeset and paginated. We will work with your layout person to provide what they need.

Other services we can offer:

For new customers we ask for 50% in advance as a down payment, and 50% after the work is approved by you.

The most cost-effective arrangement is to allow WexfordPress to both typeset and index your book. Then the final product is a completed print-ready pdf file of the book. Typically you will save $1.00 per page over the separate prices for typesetting and indexing. See our typesetting page for more details.

Indexing requires knowledge. Most professional indexers are specialists in particular subject matter areas. Able Indexers will evaluate your book honestly, and if we think another specialist can do the job better we will refer you. Our specialties include finance, psychology, computer books, radio/electronic books, the history of Ireland, the Irish (Gaelic) language, operations research, management science, production control and military histories.

We look forward to serving you. Please contact John Culleton by email at or phone him at (410) 795-1159.

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