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TeX and Friends: Free Typesetting Tools

We make money laying out books, setting type and creating indexes for book authors and publishers. But many authors/publishers would rather do it themselves. So as a service to that group we offer a selection of our favorite tools.

NOTE: You will need Acrobat Reader to view several of the papers, tutorials etc.

The centerpiece of our toolset is the typesetting system called ``TeX'' in its many forms. We start with references to some papers by TeX users that will explain why TeX is superior in the opinion of many to either word processing or page-oriented page layout systems like Quark for book typesetting. Let the advocacy begin!

TeX Advocacy

Visit the links below for TeX advocacy papers:
  • Word Processors, Stupid and Inefficient by Allin Cottrell
  • Why TeX? a draft paper by Idris Hamid
  • Ten Reasons Why TeX is Better than Word by Kent Lundberg, Ph.D.

  • TeX Tutorials

    Closely related to advocacy are the tutorial introductions listed below:
  • The TeX Family by John Culleton
  • A Gentle Introduction to TeX by Michael Doob
  • LaTeX Tutorial by Brian Fiedler
  • TeX example by John Culleton
  • Math example from TeXBook
  • MSWord emulation by John Culleton

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