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Nothing distinguishes the quality book from the hasty effort so much as quality typesetting. Unfortunately the convenience of word processing tools has led many authors astray. Let us state at the outset: a book set with word processing tools is marked from the beginning as a less than totally professional effort.

There are indeed desktop tools available that will yield fully professional results. Pagemaking programs such as Framemaker, Adobe Pagemaker, Quark Xpress and InDesign are capable of yelding results measuring up to the highest standard. But there are expenditures of time, money and a lengthy learning process associated with their employment. And it is possible to use a professional tool and get inferior results.

Able Typesetting will provide first quality typesetting service for the author or publisher. We have many years experience making books using the TeX system devised by famous computer scientist Donald Knuth. We can adapt to whatever format you prefer, or suggest a book design in keeping with your objectives.

Principled Profit Shel Horowitz 0-9614666-6-9 Author Indexing only
Ambrose Rosemarie Romeo 0-9742026-0-6 Author Interior only
The Health Seekers Handbook Bob Merberg 0-9743762-4-8 Author Interior only
Eighty Dots T.E. Heintzen 0-9748444-4-8 Sally Ellyson, Packager Interior only
Book Design and Layout Pete Masterson 0-9669819-0-1 Author Indexing only
Viatical & LIfe settlements Gloria Wolk 0-9652615-4-9 Author Indexing only
Nuclear Weapons & the Blue Eyed People Richard Peppe 0-9749853-0-1 Author Interior & Indexing
101 Home Based Businesses for Pet Lovers Louise Louis 1-879872-00-5 Author Interior & Indexing

We accept your MS in whatever electronic or paper form is convenient to you. After we complete your project you will receive either a hard copy or pdf file of the completed book, properly typeset and paginated. We can also provide a raw file with typesetting codes if that is what your printer prefers. We will work with your printing house to provide what they need.

You must be satisfied with the results. You will receive a proof copy of the document. If you are pleased then we will send a final copy. For new customers we ask for a 50% deposit. Final payment is usually made when final copy ships. We accept Visa or MasterCard through Paypal. We also accept checks.

The best arrangement is to allow WexfordPress to both typeset and index your book. Then the final product is a completed print-ready book. Typically you will save $1.00 per page over the separate prices for typesetting and indexing. For typesetting alone we charge a fee depending on the complexity of the task.

We look forward to serving you. Please contact us by email at

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